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Doconut is a versatile document viewer for that uses the latest HTML5 standards to view documents online. Using jQuery and css effects it presents a very nice and attractive user interface. It is similar to Gmail's attachment viewer. Multiple file formats are supported. All Microsoft office formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Tiff, CAD, Images and many more. It loads pages on-demand, hence it is fast. It also works with SharePoint and Webfarms or Webgardens. There is an annotation module also. Along with search withing the document function.

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Why Doconut?

There are many online document viewers available today. However Doconut is very easy to use and affordable document viewer library. We have kept it very simple but very useful for viewing documents online. It works right from your website, without having to install any software on server or client browser.

The pricing model is very simple and gives 100% return of investment. Why re-invent the wheel and code for a document viewing solution for your document management system or workflow application? Just drag and drop our viewer control on webform or MVC form and you are ready to view documents online.

We don't charge for developer license or seat licenses. There is no limitations of how many users can view the documents. The control never communicates outside. All your files are safe within your network premises. Fully secured and scalable document viewing solution for

One Control - View Multiple File Formats

Does your document management system (DMS) need a web based file viewer. That can easily view multiple document formats? Doconut is the only answer. It can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIF, CAD, Image and many different file formats. No installation required, no coding required. Just place the control on your aspx form or mvc view and provide the file path to view. It can also open files from memory stream or database. Very easy to use, on-demand page loading as the viewer scrolls the document. There is also a thumbnail view for each pages for a quick preview. Do you need to add notes or annotate the documents? Yes, that is possible. Add shapes, hide sensitive information on your documents. Export them to PDF and email to clients.

  • Affordable Document Viewer

    Doconut is by far the most affordable and feature rich document viewer. It can open DOC/DOCX/ODT - XLS/XLSX/ODS/CSV - PPT/PPTX/ODP PDF - VSD - MPP - TIF - XPS - PSD - DWG - EML - MSG - TXT - RTF - XML - EPUB - SVG - HTML - DICOM and Common Image Formats.

  • Asp.Net jQuery Document Viewer

    Doconut uses jQuery for on demand ajax based document viewing. It has a thumbnail view to give you quick preview of pages. The pages get loaded only when the user requests to view them. It is very fast and works even on a shared hosting platform without need of any special permissions.

  • HTML 5 Asp.Net Document Viewer

    HTML5 is the new buzz word. Doconut is an document viewer which is based on HTML5 and CSS3. It has an extremely friendly user interface. Easy to use and requires no installation on server or client side. It works out o f the box and comes with lots of samples and full documentation to get you started.

  • Online Document Viewer

    Doconut is the best mvc online web based document viewer. Our license model is very simple and cost effective. We guarantee your return of investment by using our online document viewer in your document management systems. It also works with Sharepoint and webfarms or webgardens. It has annotation function along with search within document feature.

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